Our Team Is Dedicated

to the success of your store!

With our hosted solution you spend your time to run your business and leave the rest to us once your shop is online. No more of looking for someone to upgrade, patch, do custom modules. Code upgrade is automatic just on click of a link in admin so you are always ensured of having the latest code running your store. We have no hidden charges and all you pay is what you have agreed to pay. Our platform is not some customized oscommerce, zencart, acart, bcart and so many other community supported ecommerce softwares which are limited by design in terms of feature addition. It's coded from ground up with security and functionality in mind and fully supported codebase and any custom module to add additional functionality to store is possible due to modular approach of design. Limited Sites Hosted per server and LSWS web server is used instead of APACHE due to tighter security and better performance of LSWS for PHP driven sites.

We know

Cost is important!

We know how success of any project also depends on startup costs. We just don't compare how much consultants charge for setting up custom Yahoo Stores or how much Magneto Enterprise Edition ecommerce platform costs.

We just undertake assignment on Turnkey Basis if a client would want us to do everything before taking the store live. Cost is Hosting Plan + US $1415 (one time) Subsequent years it's just the hosting and ssl charges that you pay as per the plan that you have active. No other hidden charges.

Turnkey service

for peace of mind!

Under Turnkey Assignment we install the software, integrate custom design, setup categories and 25 products, configure and setup taxation and shipping rules, setup promotional offers, buy and install SSL certificate.

In short we do everything for you till your store goes online and you would never ever be requiring any freelancers to do anything for you.

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Sangeeta Exports

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Enterprise Class Hosted Ecommerce Solution At Business Class Price.!!!. Powerful 4 to 8 core CPU servers hosting limited stores to ensure that if you need more there's always room for expansion. All servers are RAID10 setup and are based on Litespeed webserver which is known to be far more secure and eficient when it comes to php driven sites. Litespeed (LSWS) webserver for example is 3 times faster than Apache under SSL so customers get a faster loading of pages even under SSL mode. Every bit of your store interface is your own including the SSL certificate as we do not offer shared ssl certificates.

Pay as you go model so once you need more you just upgrade your plan. No other hidden charges. We leave enough room for expansion on every server as we do not oversell server resources at all.